Main Menu

The program is built around Links, and Filters. Links are clicked to immediately open the associated File, Folder or Website. Links can be Grouped and filtered, and are edited by clicking on the value in the Edit column, and can also be sorted by any visible column.

Filters are the other, important benefit of this program. They are easily created and set, and show only the Links that contain the Filter phrase.

Link – edit

Each Link includes a Title (1), the Link itself (File, Folder or Website) (2), Keywords (3), a Group header (5) and a Note.

A Next Date can be set to display the Link on or after that date.

Filter – edit

Each Filter is used to select a group of Links. The Filter field on this menu, when set as a Keyword in a Link, will filter that Link in the Links list.

A Next Date can be set to display the Filter on or after that date.