How do I try out the zDocs Pro Linker program?

Requirements and Recommendations to install and use zDocs Pro Linker:

  • Operating system: Windows 10The Pro version is recommended.
  • Computer memory: 4 GB or greater (we recommend 8 GB or higher). Higher RAM memory makes everything run faster.
  • (Recommended): a second Computer monitor. We have found this to increase productivity when working with Webpages, Files and Folders.

Verify that your Windows computer is properly set up to run the program, then click the “Download…” button below to download and save a copy of the Setup program to your default download directory. Click on the downloaded file to run the Setup program.

When you run the Setup program, your computer will be checked for compatibility by verifying the required programs and sufficient computer RAM memory are installed. From there you can download and run the Installation program to install zDocs Pro Linker to your computer.

Once the program is installed and operating, you have a 30 day free no-obligation Trial period, where all program features are active and available, and you can create and view an unlimited number of Links and Filters. Use this time to find out if zDocs Pro Linker is right for you! Take the time to use the enhanced features of the program to increase your productivity and reduce your frustrations. Refer to the related Help file in the program for reference on program features and benefits.

After the 30-day trial period has ended – and if you have not purchased zDocs Pro Linker – the program will continue as an Always Free version, with a daily limit of 5 Links activated. In this version, you can continue to add an unlimited number of Links, Filters, Keywords and Groups.

Try zDocs Pro linker today, and enjoy the full benefits of the program! See if it doesn’t increase your productivity, and make finding Files, Folders, and Webpages easier, faster and more intuitive.

Download the Setup program today!

30-day Free Trial – all program features enabled.

How do I purchase the program?

The software is purchased for $27.95 US using the PayPal button (below) OR from the Purchase link in the Options menu of the installed program. When you purchase the program, all program limitations are removed, and you will receive online Technical Support and regular program Updates & enhancements for 12 months. After 12 months, a modest Annual Maintenance Fee ($12.00 US) will continue the Technical Support and program updates & enhancements for the next 12 months.

A purchased Program is usable indefinitely, even if Annual Maintenance is not continued.

After your purchase is completed, you will see an updated Program Status in the Options menu of the program within 24 hours of your purchase. To see the Status of your program at any time, go to the Options menu within the program. Your purchased License allows you to install the program on two (2) computers (typically a Work computer and a Home computer), and not use them concurrently.

Click the PayPal logo (below) to be directed to PayPal, and complete your purchase.