zDocs Pro Linker – Link and recall Files, Folders, Apps and Websites with one click.

The more time goes on, the more complex our work environments have become. Coupled with the new work-at-home requirements that many of us have, keeping track of electronic records stored in Files, grouped in Folders, Applications, and resources on Websites can be overwhelming. Corporate networks with multiple mapped Drives compound the challenge to quickly and easily find the resources we need – often at a moment’s notice.

Enter zDocs Pro Linker

I developed this Windows program in the Fall of 2020, because I’m a guy with ADD who can easily lose track of electronic resources that I need to have and use for productive work results. The frustration of not being able to easily and quickly find back these vital resources led me to create zDocs Pro Linker.

Like a high-powered version of web browser Bookmarks, the program stores, filters and quickly retrieves Links to individual Files, groups of Files in Folders, Applications, and individual Websites.

Let zDocs Pro Linker do the “remembering” for you.


Links are the direct connections to all of your Files, Folders, Apps and Websites. Clicking on a Link instantly opens that Link, using the default program/File, Explorer/Folder, Application, or web browser/Website.

Adding a new Link to the program is as simple as holding down the left-mouse button and dragging the item into the program. Immediately, a new Link menu pops up, where you enter the Title, any (optional) Keywords and a Group, and a Note on the Link. A future date can be set so that the Link will appear on it’s Due Date and after, automatically.

No more lost or forgotten resources!

When the Link is saved, any of the fields shown in the Edit view (see the Screenshots page) can be searched by typing in any part of a string in the search box (just below the Links label).


A second, important productivity feature of the program is the ability to set Filters, which then show a filtered subset of all Links. To use a Filter, simply click on the title to filter the Links that contain the filter phrase (e.g. “daily,”) in any of the searchable fields in each Link.

The process of creating (and editing) a Filter is easy and intuitive – similar to creating and editing Links. Filters act as saved Searches, using Keywords, or any character/number string. For instance, if you want to mark a group of Links as “2021 1st Qtr”, you create a Filter, put that search string in the Filter field, and save the Filter. Then, each Link that has that search string in its searchable fields will be shown when you click on the Filter you’ve just created.

Quick and easy filtering!

Another way of “filtering” Links is to set and save a Next Date in any Link(s). Then, click the green “Clear” button next to the search box to show only the Links that have a Next Date before or as of today.


zDocs Pro Linker is a powerful, quick, easy and intuitive way to store, filter, find and open an unlimited number of Files, Folders, Applications, and Websites. Setting up your Links and Filters your way can dramatically improve your workday productivity, and stop the frustration of losing track of important electronic records and resources.

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Quick and easy Setup and Installation

zDocs Pro Linker was created in the USA by DoWrite Software, LLC. All user data, documents links and information is stored locally, and is not stored in the “cloud”. The program is currently available only in the US.